We remove 1kg of ocean plastic with every item sold

Every item purchased makes an impact


For every item of swimwear you buy, we remove 1kg of plastic garbage and debris from the ocean and this is funded regardless of profitability. This is our promise to the planet.

It's no secret that over the years our lifestyle choices have led to the production of lots of materials particularly, plastics - and it sticks around forever. Making its way into our oceans is where we need to draw a line. From plastic straws and detergent bottles to large fishing nets, our big blue sea has it all. We are passionate about making a big difference and reducing the plastic trash that's drowning our seas.

Our partner and friend, Seven Clean Seas, make this happen. Committed to turning the tide on ocean plastic, their mission is to preserve the marine environment by ridding the ocean of plastic for good. They remove plastic from some of the worlds most polluted areas by creating sustainable projects and solutions.

Aside from beach clean ups, their ocean plastic removal efforts are always evolving and expanding from Singapore into Indonesia, targeting some of the most impacted coastlines in South East Asia.

Plastic Fantastic
Re-use and Re-cycle

We turn plastic bottles and plastic waste into swim shorts, swimsuits and bikinis!

Swimwear is commonly made from synthetic fibres know for example as Nylon or Polyester. These are in fact, also plastics and are are made by extracting petroleum from our planet, which goes through a series of refinery processes. As you can imagine, this is not planet friendly and has damaging environmental impacts.

In a further effort to decrease the plastic waste floating around our oceans and also to reduce more plastics being made, we use bottles and waste and turn that into swimwear ready fabric.

Our Swimshorts, rash guards, baby swimsuits and girls long sleeved swimsuits are made from recycled plastic bottles. Our women's bikinis and swimsuits are made from pre consumer waste nylon - so offcuts and fibres that would usually be discarded.




KGs of plastic from the ocean so far!

A platform to learn
School talks

We believe education is an essential part of the journey with Sandbar Swimwear. We believe that if we shape and educate the younger generation, better choices and solutions can be made around the use of renewable resources. With better informed minds, these future decision makers can help to shape a better tomorrow.

We regularly speak at schools across the country to discuss the impact of plastic pollution, plastic as a material, recycling and repurposing. We go into the schools with lots of visuals and touch and learn style stations where they will understand how plastic is transformed into swimwear and also have an open Q&A session around plastic as a material and solutions around how to reduce plastic consumption at home.

We can come in to your school as part of a sustainability curriculum or during important days such as Earth day or World Environment day. If you would like to understand more about our interactive and speaking workshops do get in touch.

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Eco packaging promise

We are Earth crazy! Great efforts have been made to cut out plastic from our supply chain and ensure you do not receive anything that cannot biodegrade or be re-used.

When you buy a snazzy pair of Father & Son swim shorts or fun family matching bikini and kids swimsuit, we have eco packaging covered. Our boxes are made from recycled card, our cards are made from sugar cane waste and the little bags inside are made from organic cotton. We recommend you keep these as vegetable bags for when you go shopping, saving more plastic bags from being used too!

Even when we order in our swimwear they arrive to us in bioplastic bags made from vegetables - we have no plastic in any part of our supply chain or on the onward journey when we send you your wonderful matching family swimwear!

Made with love, sent with love.

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