A bit about us.

Hi, I'm Mel Reid and I'm the founder and mother behind Sandbar Swimwear. Originally from the UK, I grew up on the Canary Islands and travelled most of the world before settling down in Singapore 10 years ago, which is where our little boy Finn and our baby girl Skye were born.

After 11 years in my job, where I met my husband and which brought me to this fantastic city, I decided to leave the corporate world to spend more time watching my kids grow up and commit myself to creating the world's most environmentally impactful swimwear.

Spending most of my adult life trying to find ways to reduce our footprint on the planet, along with my deep love of the ocean and connection with it, the decision to create something that helps reverse the impact we’ve had on our blue dot is what drives me and feels right. This is what I want to dedicate my life to full-time.

The ‘why’ behind our brand.

Sandbar is inspired by the things I’m most passionate about - Family time, sustainability, and our environment.

I grew up in a busy working family so this was pretty finite. My mission on weekends is to make sure that each moment is celebrated and cherished; this became the inspiration for our photography.

If you’re a mother like me, you’ll know that kids go through a lot of clothes - where new materials are predominantly used and most times quality overlooked. We create pieces that feel soft on the skin, are made to last, and above all, that reuse materials so as to avoid the fabrication of new plastics.

Growing up in the Canary Islands with clear waters and rugged coastlines, and later becoming a keen diver, the ocean is so important to me. It’s clearer than ever before how extreme ocean plastic has become and the urgency we need to have in protecting it however we can.

Our purpose is to make an impact, to protect the ocean, to preserve our world so that our children can grow up with an ocean abundant with life.

To ensure that our ocean has a chance to recover and to do this, there is a real need to review our consumption of plastics, which is in everything including our clothing. We want to provide a platform for you to make lifestyle choices that better impact our world, that carve out the future we want to see around us. Making a difference for future generations, protecting our tomorrow.

Every little bit counts towards creating a better future for our children.
Seven Clean Seas.

We have known the founders for almost 10 years and we have watched Seven Clean Seas go from concept to reality to pulling almost 500,000 KGs of plastic from our oceans.

Committed to turning the tide on ocean plastic, Seven Clean Seas is the perfect partner for us. Their mission is to preserve the marine environment by ridding the ocean of plastic for good. They remove plastic from some of the worlds most polluted areas by creating sustainable projects and solutions.

Aside from beach clean ups, their ocean plastic removal efforts are always evolving and expanding from Singapore into Indonesia, targeting some of the most impacted coastlines in South East Asia.

Made from plastic bottles.

Our swimwear is made using Repreve, which is an engineered yarn from North Carolina.

Repreve a widely known recycled fibre and is made 100% from recycled plastic bottles. We love it because it also has a U Trust verification with a tracable FibrePrint so you know where it comes from.

Using Repreve avoids the production of new fibres and plastics, which also avoids the use of new petroleum and emits fewer greenhouse gases. It's a double benefit as turn it means less plastic bottles are out there making their way into our oceans!

More than a brand, we're a movement.
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